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"I envision a world where spending our time in careers we don’t love is replaced with purpose, impact and work that lights our soul on fire."

Welcome to Life by YOUR Design...


I’m Michelle, I’m a Registered Master Hypnotist, Life Architect, Speaker and host of the Life by YOUR Design podcast.

Six years ago, I left my career and it’s one of my top three decisions I’ve ever made (might tell you the other two another time)! I want to support you to do the same.

Because I know what it feels like to be trapped in a career you have fallen out of love with. Knowing you are here for something else (even if you don’t know what it is yet) and desperately wanting to regain control over your time and do something more meaningful.

Imagine waking up and choosing how you spend your time? Every. Single. Day.  

How can I help you on this exciting adventure?

  • To Build Your Freedom Fund so the money stuff is sorted.
  • To tap into your purpose and what’s next so you know where you’re going.
  • To step into your new identity at a powerful subconscious level.

All this, so it's easy, fun and exhilarating (for all the right reasons).

I also work with you to help you achieve any goal quicker. From stop smoking, to better sleep, to better confidence, relieving anxiety. You name it. I do this because I love the variety (!) and everyone should experience the goal accelerating power of hypnosis.

Plus unleveling all those parts of your life is living Life by YOUR Design.

It’s time to live life by your design. 

Your purpose is in your Human Design

You’ve decided you’re ready for something else (yay!), but that something else is the bit that is eluding you? You may even have jotted down your skills, what you love, what the world needs and yet you are no closer to your epiphany moment. In fact, all you do is go round and round in your head. 

What if I told you that your purpose, gifts, superpowers and what you are here to bring into the world is all in your Human Design?

Get ready to know yourself like never before.




The 1:1 private and completely personalised programme to accelerate you to achieve any goal! Work with me and get access to all my modalities, tools and guidance.



Gene Key Hypnosis Tracks


For those who want to work at a deeper level with specific Gene Keys (or Gates in Human Design). Support your conscious contemplation with subconscious transformation into the Gift expression. 


Human Design Initiate


A supercharged personalised Human Design read including a report and Gene Key hypnosis. Begin living your Design today.



“Best coaching sessions I ever had. Michelle is a special human able to combine science, psychology and spirituality, guiding you holistically to hit your goal. Thank you so much for your help! It was life changing and I was able to address many open questions I had for years in my life.”

— Sophia, Sydney


“The change was so dramatic that my business partner sat me down to tell me that things had really changed in my attitude, behaviour and productivity.” 

— Jon, Sydney


“THANK YOU! You are a gem to this world, you have challenged me so much, I haven’t been shown that path before. I am hugely appreciative. Your time, insight, how you push, pull, pause is magnificent. You taught me a lot and I will treasure it forever. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!”

— Zaneta, Sydney

What do you desire?

More Purpose

You’re ready for something new. But what? Perhaps you’ve been contemplating your purpose for a while or you’re just beginning to get restless. Either way, you want to connect to your deepest desires, uncover your gifts and design a more meaningful life.


Your options:

Private coaching

Less Stress

You’re stressed, overwhelmed and want a new relationship to stress. Your nervous system is jacked, you’re not sleeping well and it’s affecting other areas of your life. You no longer choose to accept this as your baseline for living.


Your options: 

Begin Stress Less Hypnosis

Explore Human Design

You’re exploring your Human Design Chart and the Gene Keys and you are ready to go to another level to embody your blueprint not just build your knowledge about it.


Your options:

Book Human Design Initiate

Buy Gene Key Hypnosis Tracks

Private coaching around your Design

Goal Acceleration

You need help smashing a goal, kicking a habit or getting unstuck. You recognise your beliefs are not supporting you to become the person you want to be and it’s time to step into your new identity.


Your options:

Classic private coaching & Hypnosis

Let’s work together

Discover Your Human Design 

Get your Human Design chart for free

Begin living your Design

Get started with this supercharged Human Design Read

Your Unique Blueprint

Uncover and unleash the purpose, gifts and contribution

Express Your Gifts

Buy hypnosis tracks for each Gate/Gene Key

Stress Less Hypnosis

3 weeks to change your relationship with stress

Accelerate Your Progress

Work with Michelle on any goal or challenge

Book Michelle

Speaking, workshops or hypnosis at your next event

“Hypnosis is pretty magic”


From anxious and unsafe to calm, better connected to self and improved relationships with family


Before working with Michelle, I was feeling nervous, unsafe, guarded and high-strung... Every morning, I woke up with my heart beating very fast as if from anxiety, but I was not able to put my finger on the cause. During the time we worked together, I felt at ease and safe, and I feel grounded and balanced now, after the work. 

Waking up in the morning is now a clean-cut, happy thing. My heart is not beating wildly anymore. I usually feel well-rested and ready to get up, in the mornings. Generally, I feel balanced in day-to-day life now, not so easily thrown any more.  

Hypnosis with Michelle has shifted my relationship with my family. I am now having normal conversations with my mum on the phone which is a huge relief. And I have decided that I it is okay to let the relationship with my sister go. Half a lifetime of trying and not succeeding, it is enough. Both brings calmness into my life. 

The biggest benefit I gained from my Human Design read was that I now know the reason for my common exhaustion which was part of my life as far as I can think back. I can now arrange my life in a way which benefits me better. 

It was comforting to work with you. You are different from other health “operators” in that that you seemed to really connect with my experience of the world. I therefore felt understood and was ready to open up more. 

Hypnosis with Michelle is comforting and completely safe. If you understand that sometimes, there is no conscious explanation for something, but you wish for some healing, hypnosis is the go. Lay on the couch, let yourself hear and absorb the gentle suggestions, stop wondering, stop asking for logic, just let it envelope you and see what happens over the next two weeks. It is pretty magic.” 

Esther, Australia

Hey, I’m Michelle


It’s your right to live a happy and fulfilling life. There’s a whole lot of unhelpful dogma around the concept of purpose and an unhealthy acceptance for stress.

My work is about guiding you to rediscover your gifts, design a life you choose and remove what’s keeping you feeling stuck – so you can start living your dream life today. 

Here’s what I want you to know about me…

I’m a Registered Master Hypnotist trained by one of the world's leading hypnotists and I’ll teach you to utilise your brainwaves for stress reduction, performance and your own personal innovation and liberation.

I’m also a certified NLP Master Practitioner, ICF trained coach, Relationship Coach, Parents Coach, Kids Coach, Disc Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence trainer, Matrix Therapist, Multiple Brain Integration Practitioner and Trained Meditation teacher giving me the knowledge and experience to help you become your best self.  

I’ve successfully hypnotised the most sceptical of people, allowing them to live a quality, energised life! 

I’ve personally been on a journey of redesigning my life from leaving her corporate career, recalibrating my body and mind and rediscovering purpose, and I’ll show you how I did this so can embark on your own journey! 

I’ll teach you straightforward stress and connection techniques that physically impact your body – that you can feel immediately! 

I have 15 years’ experience in brand and culture change strategy and have facilitated executive teams around business strategy across leading Australian and global businesses. 

I’ve taken group hypnosis into organisations for the first time such as Nova, and will share this incredible process with you so you can harness your unconscious power and create the freedom you desire. I’ve hypnotised 86 people at one time.