Explore your most authentic self and become happier, more peaceful and tapped into purpose


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Imagine being deeply connected to your desires, what you really want when you cut through all the shoulds, expectations and things you are to told will make you happy.

Visualise a whole new world of success, where you define your success and your whole being is moving you towards achieving it.

Feel what it would be like to feel calm and peaceful in your body, confident in your gifts and purpose. Living moment to moment.

My one-on-one coaching & hypnosis will have you feeling happy, peaceful and on-purpose.

We’ll work with your energetic blueprint to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your true potential and the key themes of your lifetime. Then I’ll guide you to bring integrity between you conscious and unconscious mind, your head and body and your masculine and feminine energy states to get you unstuck, create harmony in your system and feeling powerful.

Your Roadmap For Creating Freedom

Map out how to feel more in control and inspired in your business and I’ll walk you through how to harness the power of your unconscious mind


The Simplest Route to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Unleash your innate power and potential to experience your business as a calm, creative and connected leader 


Key inclusions


  • All programmes (excluding the Classic) include a 90-minute Human Design Reading with a supporting Human Design Report. This is not just a run through of your chart, but a reading in the context of where you are, any challenges you are facing and what you are trying to achieve. I’ll coach you in the session around what we discuss.

  • Sessions are 75-minutes long, and completely personal to you. In your sessions you’ll have access to all my modalities: Hypnosis, NLP, Matrix Therapies, Multiple Brain Integration, Meditation, Human Design and Gene Keys. I’m a Master Coach, also trained as a relationship coach, children’s coach and parents coach. We can tap into all of these to decondition, shift beliefs and behaviours patterns to propel you forward.

  • Hypnosis tracks are designed to specifically shift you from the shadow frequency to the gift frequency of the Gene Keys we are working on. These support you to create subconscious change and build new programming to support you to live your blueprint and from a place to deep truth.

  • Voxer support gives you the opportunity to be coached, guided and supported between your sessions. Allowing you to tap into the flow when it’s happening and feel supported when ideas or challenges emerge . If you’re not familiar with Voxer, it’s a free app similar to Whatsapp.

Ways to work with me

Below are my one-on-one programmes all designed to guide your mind, body and soul back into integrity.


“The change was so dramatic that my business partner sat me down to tell me that things really changed in my attitude, behaviours and productivity.”


“I went from experiencing chronic insomnia to improved sleep from the first session with Michelle. Now I typically sleep five or six nights a week. My relationship with sleep has changed.”


"We cleared the limiting beliefs and patterns I kept falling into and ramped up my focus and action, so I began executing my ideas without second guessing myself.” 

Ready to make a move?

To work with me one-on-one I speak to all my clients first. My free 30-minute calls are where I find out more about you (to ensure I can support you), talk about how I work and if it feels good to us both, you can book onto one of my programmes.