Live the Gifts of Your Design with Gene Key Specific Hypnosis Tracks

Hypnosis really is the ultimate goal accelerator. Embodiment is changing a belief at a body level, rather than just thinking it. The body is the subconscious. If you want to truly embody the identity of the person you are becoming, hypnosis will get you there faster.

HD Hypnosis Tracks are specifically crafted to support at a subconscious level to expand from the Shadow expression to the Gift expression of a specific Gate in your Design. 

In Human Design they are called Gates and in the Gene Keys they are called Gene Keys. They are the numbers down the side of your Design and in circles in the centres.

Your Roadmap For Creating Freedom

Map out how to feel more in control and inspired in your business and I’ll walk you through how to harness the power of your unconscious mind


The Simplest Route to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Unleash your innate power and potential to experience your business as a calm, creative and connected leader 


When HD Hypnosis Tracks Will Support You

  • You’re working through one of the key sequences in the Gene Keys and want to support your subconscious transformation

  • A specific Gate in your Design is impacting a pattern of behaviour or progress and you want to live it differently

  • You’re exploring purpose in your Human Design and you want to more deeply express the Gifts of your Design. You may also want to join the Purpose Pathway including full Gene Key Hypnosis access

What You’ll Find in Each Track

  • An overview of the specific Gene Key, including how to recognise the passive and reactive shadows.

  • Journal questions to contemplate this specific Gene Key at a conscious level

  • Hypnosis track to support your subconscious shift from the shadow expression into the gift expression of this Gene Key

Express Your Gifts

1 Gene Key Hypnosis Track

Any track from the 64 Hypnosis Track Library.

$97 AUD

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Your Activation Sequence

The 4 tracks of your Activation Sequence. Also known as your Incarnation Cross.

$297 AUD

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Your Venus Sequence

The 6 tracks of your Venus Sequence.

$397 AUD

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Your Pearl Sequence

The 4 tracks of your Pearl Sequence.

$297 AUD

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Your Whole Holographic Profile

The 11 tracks that make up your Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequence.

$597 AUD

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