More than just a
Human Design Read

You've downloaded your Human Design BodyGraph, you don't yet know what it means, but you know you want to find out. This is your invitation to dive into exploring your Human Design and begin living it immediately.


What is Human Design?

  • It's not your personality or your psychology, it's your energetic blueprint

  • Your Human Design is essentially your guide to follow your soul's path, including how you interact with the Quantum to draw in experiences

  • In Human Design we don't make decisions from the mind, we make them from the body. You'll understand how to make the right decisions for you based on your personal Design

  • Your Human Design contains your purpose, including your gifts, contribution and how you bring this into the world 

  • It also shows your energy profile, including the types of energy you have access to and how to work with them to remain healthy and productive

  • It provides insight into the themes of your life, the shadows you are becoming aware of and the gifts you possess

A powerful combination of Human Design & Hypnosis

In Human Design we make decisions from the body, not from the mind. Hypnosis is a process to access the subconscious mind, which is in fact the body. Bringing the power of Human Design and Hypnosis together supports you to step into your Design even easier.

Hey, I’m Michelle.

I’m a Registered Master Hypnotist, Human Design Reader, NLP Master Practitioner, Matrix Therapist and Multiple Brain Integration Practitioner.

In Human Design Initiate, I'll be supporting you to quickly step into your Human Design and apply it to what is happening in your life right now so you can take it out of information overload and into practical application.

What is special about Human Design Initiate?

  • It's more than a standard Human Design read because it's structured to get you living your Human Design and putting into practice to impact your life

  • Your personal Human Design Read is not just a read of the detail of your chart, but against the context of where you are in your life and what you wanting to achieve so you can use its powerful insights to progress

  • The report is a reference tool so you can keep coming back to the foundations of your personal chart as you continue on the journey
  • I don't disappear after your session, in Telegram for 2 weeks you can ask additional questions to support you as you digest and work with the Design

What's inside Human Design Initiate?


  • 1 x 90 minute Human Design Read with Michelle. This session will dive deep into your chart providing themes, insights and practical applications to live your Design
  • Personalised Human Design Report covering the key elements of your chart to allow you to dive deeper after our session continue your journey
  • Private Telegram Support for 2 weeks after your session to answer further questions as you digest your Human Design Read and begin to experiment with living your design

Book your Human Design Initiate 


$555 AUD

Human Design Read