3 weeks to ditch stress & anxiety and change your relationship with stress forever before


Why hypnosis for stress?

Listen to understand how hypnosis changes your relationship with stress.

The Stress Less Hypnosis programme is simple: 3 powerful hypnosis tracks over 3 weeks to target and dissolve your stress.

All you need to do is listen every day and feel your relationship to stress change. Nothing more, because you are already busy right?

Choose your solution to stress

Stress Less Hypnosis

3-Week Hypnosis Programme to target your stress, stop over-thinking and create calm throughout your body and mind.

Lifelong access for $177 AUD


Stress Less Bundle

The Stress Less Hypnosis Programme, coupled with 3 private sessions to explore and shift your sources of stress to leave you feeling calm and powerful.

Both for $997 AUD


This is for you if


You’re a busy person, you can’t just “make your life less stressful” – and you don’t want to go live in a hut in a forest. But you know you are stressed. Perhaps you’ve tried meditation, but it didn’t seem to stick. You already have enough on your plate, you want a simple low effort solution to reduce your stress that doesn’t take up too much time

Work and life feels all encompassing – you can see burnout on the horizon. You know you need to be less stressed; you know the health implications of chronic stress but, you’re so busy on a hamster wheel you never find the time to do anything about it, and you want to help yourself before it becomes worse

You’re experiencing the direct effects of stress poor sleep, weight gain around your belly and you look hagged and tired. You long to slow down the chatter in your mind and feel peaceful, but nothing you have tried seems to work

You know you have an intense period of life coming up – and you need to be at your best. You’re looking for a simple way to support yourself and enhance your performance while not distracting your from your main focus

Jon, Founder & Director, PX Partners

“I actually hear your voice say STOP and, I stop overthinking right then.”