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Your subconscious mind is significantly more powerful than you realise. My mission is to guide you to access your full potential through hypnosis to achieve whatever you desire more easily, while feeling peaceful and on-purpose.


Your Roadmap For Creating Freedom

Map out how to feel more in control and inspired in your business and I’ll walk you through how to harness the power of your unconscious mind


The Simplest Route to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Unleash your innate power and potential to experience your business as a calm, creative and connected leader 



$2,397 AUD

Classic Package

What does hypnosis work for?


Hypnosis is the ultimate goal accelerator as it effectively closes the gap between your conscious goal and the subconscious programming you need to achieve that goal.

The process gets us straight into your body where we can create change that you feel immediately. I work with clients on a huge range of different goals including:

  • Quit smoking to become a non-smoker
  • Quit vaping to put down the vape pen forever
  • Stop gambling and get control of your money
  • Stop drinking to be free of alcohol addiction
  • Beat insomnia and experience uninterrupted high quality sleep
  • Get rid of tinnitus and turn off the buzzing in your head
  • Reduce stress and anxiety to feel calm and in control
  • Reduce and turn off pain to feel relief and support healing
  • Exploring the root cause behind physical disease to change your relationship with illness
  • Lifestyle design including exploring your life purpose, change of career and designing a life you love
  • Working through strong emotions including grief, anger and shame
  • Building confidence and focus to take action and stop procrastination

Essentially, any goal you want to achieve hypnosis will support you to get there. Discuss what you want to achieve with me on your free call


Classic Package - Key inclusions


  • 6 x 1-on-1 sessions which are spaced over 5 weeks to 3 months depending on what we are working on. These take place over Zoom. 

  • Sessions are 75-minutes long, and completely personal to you. In your sessions you’ll have access to all my modalities: Hypnosis, NLP, Matrix Therapies, Multiple Brain Integration, Meditation, Human Design and Gene Keys. I’m a Master Coach, also trained as a relationship coach, children’s coach and parents coach. We can tap into all of these to decondition, shift beliefs and behaviours patterns to propel you forward.

  • Telegram support gives you the opportunity to be mentored, guided and supported between your sessions. Allowing you to tap into the flow when it’s happening and feel supported when ideas or challenges emerge . If you’re not familiar with Telegram, it’s a free app similar to Whatsapp.


Please note: I offer other packages for corporate clients and clients who wish to work with me for an extended period.


$3,997 AUD

Classic Package

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2 Instalments

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