Mar 26, 2024


Are you’re desperately seeking inspiration for your next career or source of income?

Do you find yourself listening to podcasts (like this one!), scanning social media, books, googling and attending workshops? Hoping they will give you a winning idea?

What if this could be leading you further from the correct path for you?

Inspiration is powerful, but following our personal strategy and authority is more potent.

Can you hear your own voice over all the others?

In episode #35 I explain why more inspiration is not always better.

If you’re ready to begin following your strategy and authority begin by grabbing your free Human Design Chart or book in for your Life by YOUR Design Roadmap.


Episode highlights

  • 00:48 The process of finding what's next
  • 01:38 The paradox of choice in today's world
  • 03:01 Finding what we want through external influences
  • 03:52 We are getting bombarded with content
  • 05:12 Turning inwards to know what is correct for us
  • 05:52 The point when information is not valuable for us
  • 07:00 Remove the noise to find inspiration
  • 07:47 Embracing Human Design for personal insight
  • 09:28 The Head Center
  • 11:53 The Artist's Way book
  • 12:59 The impact of removing content in our lives
  • 15:59 Human Design makes the process easier
  • 16:14 Introducing Life Design Roadmaps
  • 17:04 Invitation to share and rate the podcast


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