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I want you to know it’s possible to reclaim your time, discover your full potential and own your deepest “this isn’t realistic” desires and turn them into your everyday


Episode #29 of the Life by YOUR Design podcast. 

Time: How Do You Want to Spend Yours


Reclaim your time and become the person who...

  • Upgrades what is possible to explore ideas you can't even imagine...yet
  • Aligns to your full potential and uncovers your gifts, superpowers and impact to do the work you are meant to do
  • Follows your instinctual desires to place you firmly on the correct path for success and impact
  • Unapologetically owns what you want and knows that it’s absolutely yours to have
  • Moves into action quickly to create your new reality 

Life Design Roadmap is for you if...

  • You dream about leaving your career, but you have no idea what your next move is

  • You’d love your work and how you make money to be radically different, but you can’t see the possibilities right now

  • You don’t believe it’s realistic for you because of money, experience, family etc [you fill in the blank]

  • You’re stressed, burnt out and desperately wish you could reclaim your time from the corporate hamster wheel and prioritise your health

  • You want to explore your full potential and elevate yourself into your next level of success

  • You want to discover the work that genuinely lights you up and own that choice to make it your reality

  • You wish you could tap into your innate instincts to guide yourself onto your correct path

Your invitation to join me and map out your next steps.


Life Design Roadmap

$197 AUD

  • Life Design Audit 
  • 60-minute 1-on-1 session with Michelle

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