Mar 19, 2024


There is a specific scenario that often plays out when people want to leave their professional and corporate jobs.

Can you guess?

It’s the one where they fall in love with a modality that has supported them, and they mis-understand this to be their calling.

So, they train as a breathwork instructor, reiki practitioner, sound healer – [simply insert your chosen modality here]!

But here is the thing: not everyone is meant to become a teacher of their favourite modality.

You are here for something else.

In episode #34 I explain what is happening behind the scenes and how to make this desire work for you on your journey to discovering your full potential.

Episode highlights

  • 01:28 You are not meant to be any of these things!
  • 02:26 This is what is actually happening - it’s not your final destination
  • 03:27 The initial enthusiasm fades and it falls into the background
  • 04:00 You are experiencing the pendulum swing 
  • 07:40 The rebound relationship
  • 07:56 My pendulum swing: I become a meditation teacher and did my RSA
  • 11:59 You may want to switch your brain off, but this will change
  • 12:36 You’ll need more to maintain your lifestyle
  • 13:03 Your potential is so much greater than what we have learnt
  • 15:13 If you are in this stage right now - enjoy it
  • 15:38 An example of incorporating this modality into your current work
  • 16:24 The recalibration when you’re ready to shake up your life


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