Mar 12, 2024


Are you living your big dream of success – or are you playing a bit small?

We all have more potential than we can imagine from where we are right now.

Your next level of life requires you to come face-to-face with more of your potential.

Are you ready to change the space you play in?

In episode #33, I talk about how your beliefs create the parameters of your potential and how your Human Design is one of the keys to unlock it.

If you’d like to chat about this more: drop me a DM at @michelleboyde_hypnotist.

Episode highlights

  • 00:56 Michelle will be running workshops at Ocean Lovers Festival 23rd March 2024 – grab your tickets here: Hypnotic Workshop and Embodying Action to Create Change
  • 02:14 How to access your potential
  • 04:24 Successful individuals use more of their potential
  • 05:34 The parameters of your potential and your beliefs
  • 07:42 Increase the space you can play in
  • 09:46 Use your environment to enhance your potential
  • 14:04 Your potential is in your Human Design
  • 16:49 Get your chart and explore your potential
  • 17:15 Some people know they are meant for more


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It’s time to change that career, share your gifts and create the ripples that change the course of your life. If you’re seeking more purpose and meaning, then you know it’s time to live Life by YOUR Design. Join Master Hypnotist Michelle Boyde as she discusses subconscious power, heart-fuelled passion, discovering your soul-led purpose, Human Design and interviews people committed to living life by their own design.


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