Mar 05, 2024


Stress is NOT normal. 

I invite you to put your job title aside. Don’t compare yourself to your peers or the industry. Now ask yourself:

Am I comfortable with how stressed I am?

If the reason you want to leave your job is because of how you feel and not for a bigger more noble purpose. I want you to know that is perfect!

In episode #32, I talk about stress in the workplace, why we need a revolution in how we work and why you wanting a change for a so called “selfish” reason is the best place to start.

If you’d like to chat about this more: drop me a DM at @michelleboyde_hypnotist.


Episode highlights

  • 00:56 Chronic stress in work life
  • 02:22 You should leave your career because of YOU
  • 05:26 Wanting to have more fun is perfect
  • 06:43 We have normalised things that are not normal
  • 08.12 Business is always asking for more
  • 11:28 Symptoms of chronic stress on health
  • 12.55 My experience of deciding I didn’t want to do this anymore
  • 15.45 Our vitality is everything
  • 17:07 The two options to go forward
  • 19:15 You feeling stressed is a great reason for you to pursue something else


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