Jan 30, 2024


Did you know Projectors have only been on the planet for approximately 250 years and we’re 20% of the population?

Discovering I am a Projector has been profound – and it’s helped me make sense and peace with many aspects of myself.

The Projector is one of five types in Human Design. Download your BodyGraph now to discover your type.

In episode #27, I’m sharing some of the aspects of being a Projector I have personally noticed as I have played with how my Human Design comes to life for me.

A must listen if you’re a Projector or you have a Projector in your life and you want to understand them better.


Episode highlights

  • 00:53 Understanding the projector in Human Design
  • 02:56 Personal reflections on being a projector
  • 06:35 1st Reflection - Energy
  • 12:47 2nd Reflection - Navigating social interactions as a projector
  • 17:12 3rd Reflection - The challenge of waiting for invitations
  • 24:51 4th Reflection - Running a business as a projector
  • 29:11 Conclusion and invitation to the Purpose Pathway 


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