Jan 16, 2024


My guest is Helen Leith, Founder of Nokori, a Sydney-based company that provides a range of scar care products and support for people undergoing surgery.

Helen is a 4/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator.

We got frank about leaving a secure job to start a business, going back to corporate, self-doubt and the tipping point into success.

There is no right way to leave a career and start your own business and if you choose to dip back into your old career to support that transition - that can be a great tactic.

We also chatted about how aligning to her Human Design shows up as her core sales channel in her business.


Episode Highlights

  • 02:35 Helen's Journey
  • 03:53 Receiving the idea for Nokori
  • 05:36 Strategy in action
  • 06:38 The reality of leaving a stable job
  • 14:22 Nokori’s growth
  • 17:08 Overcoming self-doubt 
  • 19:10 Helen’s Design Jupitar from inadequacy to resourcefulness
  • 20:28 Nokori patient success
  • 22:33 Profile Line 4 and networking in building Nokori sales
  • 24:34 Balancing business and personal life
  • 25:15 Chasing money vs. making money
  • 29:58 Emotional Authority and productivity
  • 31:13 The Journey from Corporate to Entrepreneurship
  • 32:15 Helen’s Motivation in Human Design 
  • 37:44 The future of Nokori: expansion and investment
  • 39:55 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


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About Helen Leith

Helen has over 20 years’ experience as a senior product specialist in the medical device industry. After decades at Johnson & Johnson she left in 2017 to take a break and explore starting her own business. She founded Nokori, a Sydney-based company that provides a range of scar care products and support for people undergoing surgery, which she now runs with her business partner.


Connect with Nokori

Website: nokori.com.au
Instagram @wearenokori
LinkedIn Tree


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