Jan 09, 2024


Has your quest for self-discovery and purpose hit a roadblock? Do you wonder why you have more or less energy than other people? Perhaps you want to tap into the wisdom of a greater force to guide you down the correct path for you?

What can I tell you…Human Design will give you all of this and more.

On a personal level, delving into Human Design has been a profound experience, so much so that I've restructured my business in alignment with my unique Design.

In this episode, I share an intro to Human Design and the top three reasons it’s a powerful system to have up your sleeve.

Episode highlights

  • 01:43 How to get your Human Design chart
  • 01:58 Exploring different tools for self-awareness
  • 03:11 The value of Human Design
  • 03:46 Origins and components of Human Design
  • 05:55 Understanding your energy in Human Design
  • 08:17 Discovering your gifts and purpose through Human Design
  • 09:53 How your aura interacts with the quantum in Human Design
  • 15:40 Awareness and intuition in Human Design
  • 22:22 How to start using your Human Design
  • 25:08 Next steps in your Human Design journey

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About Life by YOUR Design

It’s time to change that career, share your gifts and create the ripples that change the course of your life. If you’re seeking more purpose and meaning, then you know it’s time to live Life by YOUR Design. Join Master Hypnotist Michelle Boyde as she discusses subconscious power, heart-fuelled passion, discovering your soul-led purpose, Human Design and interviews people committed to living life by their own design.


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