Dec 12, 2023


My first guest of Season 2 is the productivity powerhouse that is Rachael Sanderson, a 6/2 Sacral Generator.

Rachael owns and operates Life a Little Greener, a community focused regenerative gardening business based in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. 

We discussed leaving her EA career in Hong Kong and moving her family back to Australia in search of healthier food. Her self-driven passion for regenerative gardening which sowed the seeds for her successful business - initially driven out of necessity during Covid.

If you’re a parent or simply interested in the impact of food on your body and behaviour, tune in. Rachael is a solo parent to 3 beautiful free-range babies aged 4,6 and 8 (while her husband travels for his work). She speaks freely about how her approach to food and parenting has positively impacted the  behaviour of her children.

Racheal is living her Human Design and we reflect on the impact of her profile, Purpose Gene Key and Personality North Node on the life she has created.

We chatted about boundaries and balance, the mess behind the scenes, planting mint and so much more!


Episode Highlights:

  • 00:42 Introducing Rachael Sanderson
  • 03:39 What is regenerative farming/gardening?
  • 04:30 How Rachael's journey evolved from passion, need and success
  • 07:20 How she creates balance
  • 11:52 Rachael’s Personality North Node in her purpose
  • 13:27 Organic food and its effect on her children
  • 21:11 Top 3 steps to move in a different direction in your life.
  • 26:54 How she now views work and life differently
  • 32:38 Reflections on her Purpose Gene Key on her direction
  • 37:22 How can we do better and contribute?
  • 41:12 Rachael’s advice on changing job 


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About Rachael Sanderson

Rachael owns and operates Life a Little Greener, a community focused regenerative gardening business based in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia, She takes a holistic approach to property management, with a primary focus on improving soil health and creating and restoring ecosystems. 

With a team of 6 women, they support people in growing organic, nutrient dense food at home, provide chemical-free garden care, designing native and edible landscapes, create region specific revegetation plans and create food waste solutions. 

Rachael’s lives by her work on her 5-acre micro regenerative farm called A Greener Little Farm with 50 fruit trees, 20 veggie gardens, goats, chickens, and 1.5 acres of swamp sclerophyll forest she is revegetating. 

She is a breastfeeding counsellor with a national not for profit where they support new mums navigate the early days of parenting, she volunteers on the national helpline and host mothers groups in the region. 


Connect with Rachael


Instagram: @life.a.little.greener

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