Dec 05, 2023


Ever wondered why some goals are a breeze, while others feel like an uphill battle, or escape you completely?

The secret: new goals lack the subconscious programming for seamless achievement.

In this episode, I break down how your conscious and subconscious mind team up or work against each other to shape the life you are living today. 

Join me to explore the power of your subconscious mind and discover why a belief upgrade is your shortcut to inevitable success.


Key Takeaways:

  • While subconscious automations can be incredibly efficient, they may not always serve us well when we want to embark on something new or different
  • By altering our belief system, we have the power to propel ourselves toward our visions and goals
  • Step one is building awareness of our subconscious beliefs influencing our goal
  • The subconscious mind is a goal achieving machine when you learn to work with it!



  • 01:49 Working with the conscious mind can only get us so far
  • 02:41 We have 4% in our conscious awareness and 96% is the subconscious mind
  • 05:09 Subconscious automations and how they can hold us back
  • 06:35 The Ultimate Goal Accelerator: How this applies when a smoker wants to stop smoking
  • 08:37 Start working with your subconscious mind
  • 10:20 How your beliefs influence you if you want to leave your job
  • 12:08 Our beliefs are always evolving 


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