Nov 28, 2023


If you find yourself stuck in your search for purpose, feeling unsure of how to navigate your desires and direction, you're not alone. But here's the truth: everyone has a purpose. It's not some elusive treasure hidden at the end of an over-analysed path. 

Unfortunately, it's a journey which we've complicated with unnecessary dogma and misconceptions. It's not about success, achievement or careers, but a journey of self-discovery. 

If you are feeling stuck or simply ready to begin your exploration, join me in this first episode (after my hiatus!) where I encourage you to explore the concept of purpose from a fresh perspective.  I cover the three things purpose is not, as well as what it is.


Episode Highlights:

  • 2:06 The reason I support people to connect to purpose
  • 3:21 My personal and professional journey with purpose
  • 5:11 Everyone can find purpose 
  • 6:27 Purpose goes beyond life success, achievements, and possessions
  • 9:30 “Purpose does not equal a job or career.”
  • 12:04 “Your purpose is not a tagline.”
  • 13:47 Your don’t discover it with your head
  • 16:15 A new definition of purpose
  • 20:05 Steps to progress in your journey
  • 21:31 What to expect in this new season of the podcast


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It’s time to change that career, share your gifts and create the ripples that change the course of your life. If you’re seeking more purpose and meaning, then you know it’s time to live Life by YOUR Design. Join Master Hypnotist Michelle Boyde as she discusses subconscious power, heart-fuelled passion, discovering your soul-led purpose, Human Design and interviews people committed to living life by their own design.


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