happiness mindset hacks nlp your experience Nov 24, 2020

Do you want to know how to change your experience moment to moment? Do you wish you had more power over your reality?


In this episode I’m explaining that there is no reality, how we are creating the one we experience and how we can shift our experience . It’s powerful stuff:

  •  [1.47] How we construct our reality through our senses

  • [2.43] The 138 bits of information we are consciously aware of every moment

  • [6.40] How we filter our sensory information

  • [12.35] How we use the that information to create our experience

  • [14.50] Something only has the meaning we give it!

  • [17.05] The two key interventions points to re-shape our experience

  • [18.05] How to change your focus with gratitude, affirmations and expanding your awareness

  • {20.20] How to change what you feel by noticing the meaning you give a piece of information

  • [22.00] Use your physiology to change your emotion at any time

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