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Does finding your purpose make you cringe a little? How can you create more space to design the work life you really want?


My guest today is Dee Behan is a founder and creative director. She helps people turn businesses into brands everyone will remember with strategic thinking and intentional design. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland she now calls Sydney home which she shares with her 3-year old son, Max and her husband, Paul. She works in partnership with her sister Oonagh who is also based in Sydney and the pair are the creative duo behind Frankly Co, Make It Free, and now Syster Design Studio.

And they’ve recently been appointed co-creative and experience directors of sustainable fashion startup AirRobe

In this episode we talk about living an aligned life, creating the space you need to redesign your work life and Make it Free, the campaign for free childcare in Australia. 

  • [4.10] Dee’s background is in marketing, advertising. From full-time to part-time to contract. At Camilla, Nine Entertainment, a boutique digital agency and Leo Burnets.

  •  [6.22] The philosophy behind Frankly Co: Redefining what flexible working means. It’s not one place, one space one time.

  •  [10.29] How the Covid pandemic helped Dee and Oonagh’s case for flexible working.

  • [11.40] Introducing AirRobe, the sustainable fashion platform bringing the circular economy to life. A brand Dee loves because it’s impact driven.

  •  [12.45] Lack of alignment with core values. The friction and jarring with values and when you realise, you’re no longer working from your heart space.

  •  [14.17] *Cringe* Where the hell is my purpose? Where is it? How do I find it? It takes a long time and the first mindset shift is letting go of titles and egos.

  •  [18.25] Working at Camilla to have the space and the platform from which to create. Balancing spending time with her son and working on her business.

  •  [19.20] Creating the resource of space: mental space, emotional space, physical space and spiritual space. Matching this to your personality.

  •  [21.48] Working in sprints and creating pockets for different types of work. Structure is how Dee creates calm.

  •  [22.45] Designing your own culture: when you’ve been through different cultures, transformation and change you can pick up nuggets of beliefs you can adapt or discard.

  •  [24.50] Life is not about being happy all the time, it’s about living an aligned life. You still experience “negative” emotions when you are doing the right thing.

  •  [25.28] The highlights: The people I have met are the best. People are good!

  •  [26.31] Neuroscientists say your brain is 50 percent dictated by genes and 50 percent by your culture, language, relationships and experiences.

  •  [28.03] Make It Free. Dee is lobbying the Australian Government to reform early childhood education and care, because it’s currently unaffordable for most parents. Add your voice by signing the petition here: If you’re a business, you can upload your logo for support.

  •  [32.48] Dee’s tips to redesign your work life: Purpose is not an overnight quick fix find. Understand your own personality and listen to the advice suit your personality. Know that shit happens. Have the cry. It’s not over, it’s just part of the process.

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