core needs employee entrepreneur freelance Feb 02, 2021



In this episode I’m talking about how to decide whether to work as an employee, freelancer or start your own business.

  • [2.51] Expansion: things will bubble up and it will change
  • [3.12] When you leave a job there are two key considerations for what is next: What should I do and how should I do it?
  • [3.46] What should I do is the heart question, to be led by your heart brain to ensure you have purpose and meaning
  • [4.46] How is the head question, this is how we creatively work it out, of which a component is should I work for someone else, myself of a bunch of people. This can change over time.
  • [5.33] Caution: make sure the heart brain is leading!
  • [7.00] 6 Core needs: certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, contribution
  • [9.40] Apply the core needs to being an employee, freelancer and business owner
  • [13.00] My core needs
  • [14.15] Using the core needs for changing your career

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