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My guest today is Tameera Kemp. For over 20 years she has brought healing, insight, clarity and empowerment to thousands worldwide working with the ancient sciences of astrology, numerology and Feng Shui to transform your world.

She specialises in relationships, life direction, career, home energies, names and changes. She is featured in Vogue and has conducted readings for luxury brands, leading Australian magazines and television media.

Tameera brings further healing through the Light Language and dowsing with profound insight dating back thousands of years to Atlantis as a record keeper.

Tameera developed the Moon Lovers Astrology Numerology Guide which syncs to your phone, aimed at the busy person to help you understand the energies worldwide.  She is currently working on a dating book and further online resources to help you live your best life.

In today’s episode she shares practical ways to use Astrology and Numerology to guide leaving your career and starting new projects. As well as easy Feng Shui tops to support a career change:

  • [3.30] Tameera wanted to be an air hostess, seems quite different to what she does now, but it is still “up in the air”. From the age of 10 she got into Astrology, then Numerology and Feng Shui later in her twenties. Since a teenager she wanted to do this for a living.
  • [4.40] Tameera talks about how astrology gave her insight into her mother and their experience as a family in counselling.
  • [7.48] 14 years working at one of Sydney’s top universities before going full time as an expert in Astrology, Numerology and Feng Shui.
  • [9.30] There are two key things that triggered Tameera to leave that job and step full time into astrology, numerology and Feng Shui: Receiving activations with angelic energy, sound bowls and light energy and her experience with 5s signalling her move into a 5 vibration
  • [13.10] How do you interpret the signs? This is what each number vibration means:
    • 1 – new beginning, 1111 partnership coming through, on track
    • 2 – partnership, co-creation, heart-space
    • 3 – like a spring always bouncing back up again, it’s creativity, creative projects, using your inner child, are you speaking your truth? Something in the back of your mind you want to write or create
    • 4 – angelic number, you are projected, and creating stronger foundations on your life, extra learning that will be taking place, new addition to your family
    • 5 – there is change coming up! Freedom from restrictions (this year is a collective 5 year). Have the goals but be open to change
    • 6 – loving energy
    • 7 – highly spiritual, incredible download
    • 8 – infinity, money coming to you, teaching about balance in your life
    • 9 – transformation coming and completion 
  • [19.2] Astrology - we have our charts and then transits happening around us
  • [20.00] Saturn Return – Saturn brings order back onto our life and brings up limitations for us to push through. Happens every 28 years, around 28, 56 and 84
  • [21.00] 84 is a really significant age – also a Uranus return then. People who have not gone into life’s calling their dementia sets in and they regress into childhood
  • [22.10] Characteristics of Saturn Return – births, deaths and marriages. Whatever you thought was going to be happening, it’s transformation on a grand scale. Soul partnerships come in, pregnancies, moving countries. It changes directory of your life. Lasts for 2.5 years. 
  • [24.10] Every 28-30 years you will have a new beginning.
  • [24.31] You can look at where Saturn is in your chart right now to see which house it is in and that will guide your experience and decisions.
  • [28.30] Nissan Whirlpool, Nike – all their logos are based on Saturn. Nike – “just do it”- push through limitations
  • [30.11]
    • 1st House – new beginnings, you give birth to knew thing
    • 2nd House – stability, property, finances, getting your money in order, bring in abundance
    • 3rd House – social energy, connecting with others, being at the right place at the right time
    • 4th House – want to be locations dependent, going within, if you are in a corporate job and have to be there, book a retreat, take time out
    • 5th House – very creative energy, fun, being seen, important to not take unnecessary risks
    • 6th House – new order and structure, rebalancing nervous system, related to the stomach area
    • 7th House – balance, meet a significant partner, greater commitment, signing contracts, marriages and divorces, meet someone who will have a significant influence on your
    • 8th House – ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, deep energy, transformation on a grand scale (within)
    • 9th House – want to move to Bali! Somewhere were location dependent
    • 10th House – ruled by Capricorn, your highest potential, being seen in public, flying by the seat of your pants
    • 11th House – networking, your tribe, connections with people
    • 12th House – spiritually, culmination of your cycle, not being seen as much, wait towards the end of that cycle to leave your job
  • [36.20] Numerology
  • [36.40] Personal Year Vibration – 9 years cycle, and they change on our birthdays. To calculate: add your birthday, birth month + the actual year we are in right now and add until you get one number. Life path Number – add all the numbers of your whole birth date and add until you get one number
  • [44.10] There is a universal energy as a collective. This years is a 5 year ( 2 + 0 + 2 + 1). This year is about profound freedom! Last year was a 4 characterised by yin energy – we were forced to stay at home and go within!
  • [45.40] Personal years vibrations
    • 1 – new beginnings, new opportunities, planting the seed for your new year cycle, engage a coach in this year!
    • 2 – moving into co-creative partnerships, if you need more support with your work reach out
    • 3 – marketing yourself, buzzy, lots going on, have plans in place as people may want to pull you in lots of directions
    • 4 – restrictions, learning a new skill, create stronger foundations, on a treadmill and don’t realise how far you’ve gone, important to take breaks
    • 5 – incredible change, if you are in a job and 50/50, take a sabbatical if you can. It can bring chaos and or new opportunities and experiences, be mindful of addictions they can get out of hand in this year
    • 6 – pregnant with love, falling into career of your dreams, more family commitments, having a baby, new responsibilities
    • 7 – more reclusive, going within, emotions, downloads, if you can go on a retreat
    • 8 – teaches us about balance and abundance. What you have put in your will receive. If you have been mindfully moving forward can bring rewards, transformation control – what have I been controlling and need to let go of
    • 9 – transformation, letting go, not a doing year, have the ideas, but it can be hard to get new projects started in that year. Continue what you ae doing in this year. Things you are trying to hold into too tightly which is not for your higher good will be released
  • [54.00] Inspired action – Destiny vs taking action.
  • [57.00] We have 7 main numbers that make up our blueprint. We choose our name and birthday date before we come to this earth.
  • [1.00.29] Feng Shui: Your home is a reflection of you:
  1. Declutter! The universe will only give to you when you have space to receive. You cannot receive more when your hands are full.
  2. Clean your shoes!
  3. Colour code your clothes
  4. Bring in life force – plants and crystals. Lucky bamboo, Zanzibar plant, plant with heart shaped leaves
  5. No clutter at the entrance, don’t leave your shoes at the front door
  • [1.07.50] Western Fung Shui Professor Lin Yun developed this method in 1980s.Tameera works with both this and the Traditional Feng Shui Compass method. The Western is more challenging when you live with someone. Simplicity and gives profound results
  • [1.08.45] Standing at the front door, just opened the front door
    • Far left corner – wealth area – plant, or two gold fans, purple amethyst, citrine
    • Keep the toilet seat down
    • Middle – fame and reputation centre, reds, oranges, candles, sunrise, sunset
    • If you are at your desk – something behind you that supports you, picture of a mountain behind is good, but not in front of you!
    • Right hand side – relationship area, have things in two, plants
    • Right hand side of the wall - creativity, children, inner child, animal
    • Front right hand side – people and travel, globe, place you want to connect to
    • Middle opposite Fame and reputation is your career areas – blues, greens, something that represents the ocean
    • Bring the 5 elements into your home because that is when we feel most balance
  • [1.15.03] If you are going for an interview or public speaking – light up some candles in the fame and reputation area (right in the middle
  • [1.15.55] Tameera is writing a book on dating. Developing new online resource. The Moon Lovers Guide is released and working on a retreat

You can follow Tameera’s adventures on Instagram, Facebook and find out more on her website.

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