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My guest is Alex E Lamber, who is passionate about raising the consciousness of our planet and uses entrepreneurship to bring this shift into manifestation.

After studying at a prestigious business school in Paris and growing startups in Australia, Alex got a spiritual awakening that motivated him to use his skills to empower other lightworkers, healers, conscious entrepreneurs and heart-centred leaders.

He is the host of “The Lightleaders Podcast” and the author of “The New Wave: Escape 9-5, Do What You Love and Make an Impact”. He organises events around the world such as the Masterminds of Conscious Entrepreneurs.

He also coaches other lightworkers to achieve financial freedom and scale their positive impact in the world.

In this episode we talked about his spiritual awakening triggering leaving his career, morning routines, psychedelics and much more. And Alex’s shares lots of tips and book references to get your started (you’ll find a list at the bottom of the show notes): 

  • [2.33] Alex left digital marketing 3 years. Alex is from Paris, he went to the most prestigious business school. After graduation he did one year in private equity, didn’t excited him. Then he moved to Australia and spend six years growing start-ups including Hello Fresh.
  • [3.45] He always have side business and four years ago when he started meditation he experienced. spiritual awakening. The combination of interest in entrepreneurship and meditation triggered him to create the life he lives now.
  • [4.44] Freedom and time from not being in a 9-5 creates a lot of emptiness so there is a need for discipline. We need systems in place to replace the world systems of work.
  • [5.08] Alex has a disciplined morning routine. Dedicated time to work and not work. Even an evening routine. At the beginning he worked more hours. Now very committed to doing Kundalini for two hours a day, maybe an extra hour of meditation ad online courses and 5 hours actively working on his laptop.
  • [5.57] Always think about the Tim Ferris strategies. Achieve a lot without doing too much hustling. Using the technology in a smart way, having a clear mind and working with the right people
  • [6.19] No more WIP meetings and meetings about meetings!
  • [6.39] The main things. You are employed by the hour. If I come to the office ad do 8 hours in 1 hour, I still cannot leave. Being paid by the hour is not very motivating. When self-employed, only rewarded on the result. It’s a great motivation to think ahead on what really matters.
  • [7.35] Not just being more productive but doing the right thing. Even being focused on something is not as effective as networking. Which is why he focuses on meditation to get clarity on what is the right thing to do.
  • [9.21] A quote Alex loves from the book: The 7 Habits pf Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey: “There is no point climbing the ladder as quickly as possible if it’s leaning against the wrong wall.”
  • [9.44] Advice for beginning a morning routine: Don’t look at your phone. A few press-ups and squats, 5 minutes of meditation and write down three things you are grateful for.
  • [10.28] Alex’s morning routine: Kundalini for an hour. Meditation for an hour. Work out for an hour. Now has pleasure going into his morning routine, but first he had to use discipline. He even had an excel sheet.
  1. Start the day with a feeling of achievement and push throughout the day
  2. You do things that are uncomfortable and that give sou momentum also
  3. You tick a lot of boxes at a time when you are usually not productive

You need to wake up with a plan for when you wake up 

  • [12.55] Alex’s spiritual awakening: He started meditation four years ago. Also inspired by Tim Ferris and being more productive. He being to challenge a lot of the things he’s been told and seeing that life is far greater than we are told it is. Another milestone was reading Power of Now by Erkhart Tolle, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. And listening to podcast. Learnt about psychedelics like LSD and Ayahuasca. Assumed these were for hippies, not used by people in Silicon Valley ad Steve Jobs.
  • [15.23] Three years ago, he did a weekend with friends with LSD and that gave him eve more expansion and clarity and a week later he quite his job. He already knew he wanted to but that was such a clear message.
  • [16.11] One exercise. The mind creates a lot of fears that are in fact irrational. If you want to make it more rational, because you don’t trust your intuition. Write down on a piece of paper, the best-case scenario ad worst case scenario. The worst-case scenario was not that bad, but the best-case scenario was amazing.
  • [17.35] What expanding consciousness means: recognising we are more than what we see with our senses and challenging what we have been taught. Typically, in western society we are not very spiritual, we are our bodies, we are matter, we are separate from each other. Rewire that conditioning of separation and matter. We are a bunch of frequencies, our brain creates this image of me. When you practice meditation a lot you understand we are all connected, moving like waves. When you integrate that in your every day, life become more beautiful. Everyone’s success is your success, you are in it together, there’s no survival against the other. “In Hindu scripture it’s “Lila” which means cosmic play. Unite Life with reverence and respect and detachment that reduces suffering.
  • [20.05] A more professional approach answer to that question. Expanding his consciousness means getting more information and clarity of mind that gives me the right direction. And being more connected to other people and create beautiful collaborations.
  • [21.35] When he finds himself in fear and ego. Good exercise to come to their why. Alex’s why is heart-centres, authentic, want to take tis to the world. He knows why he is doing it.
  • [22.38] Paris to Bondi Beach to Bali: In Bondi, more personal development, stopped smoking, drinking less and less. After a certain time travelled to Bali. The local population are so nice – energetically its great. He’s a surfer ad the conscious community are second to none. Feels at home here.
  • [24.56] Breath work and energy work – sometimes with Healy ad sometimes with energy healers.  Mediation, kundalini, working out and gratitude are Alex’s foundation every day.
  • [26.02] We are wired to focus not the negative for survival. We rewire with gratitude. It balances the brain ad see things more clearly.
  • [28.50] We live at a time when things are very uncertain. Which is why meditation is so important. We have to become uncomfortable with change. You don’t have to quit directly you can start with a side income. There is a lot of risk staying in your safe job. Your job could disappear, and you don’t develop the abilities to train yourself to do something new. Alex has focussed on learning to learning. “If things change, I’ll learn again with pleasure.”
  • [31.42] “Give me six hours to cut down a tree I’ll spend four hours sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln
  • [32.20] Alex’s Ayahuasca Experience (see his podcast episode) – 2 nights explored his shadow and humanity. Substance allows you to be I the conscious of different people, so you see the world through different perspectives. This gives you compassion. 
  • [35.00] “Living in the world of today without meditating is getting very hard.”
  • [36.25] Healy – device emits frequency’s through a micro current, supports wellbeing. We are vibration and have an electromagnetic field around our bodies. The technology is not new, but previously you would have to go to a large bio resonance machine. More energy and more presence. Network Marketing – make commission when you share it, you can also train a team.
  • [38.15] Network marketing has a bad rep. There has bene a lot of scams based on compensation or friends that bug you. If the compensation plan is good and you love the product it’s good. A great way to bridge two worlds. They are a tribe of superheroes playing to their strengths.
  • [39.55] Controlled studies. Little electronic current goes through your body, some cells will then vibrate at that frequency which is beneficial. 100,000 around the world – find one to get an experience of it.
  • [43.54] Alex’s tips how to walk away from a career you feel embedded in:
  1. Meditation practice for clarity of mind and visualisation for embodiment
  2. Environment that is helpful
  3. Take action

Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

  • [48.11] What he wished he has known: with the clarity I have now, I would get more help, get coach. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • [49.55] What’s next for Alex: He has a flexible vision; he sets an intention and then it’s like a dance. Co-creation with the Universe. Grow his podcast The Light Leaders. Alex interviews people who built a career off their soul mission: healers, coaches, conscious entrepreneurs. People who have done the inner work ad want to have more impact in the world. Also, growing the Healy community and Cryptocurrency and events.
  • [53.30] Soul passion project – learn the difference between a business and a hobby.

Alex’s Reading List:

  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
  • The 7 Habits pf Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Power of Now, by Erkhart Tolle
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


You can follow Alex’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook. Find out more on his website alexelamber.com, including his podcast: The Lightleaders Podcast here.

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