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Do you know what to expect when you go under hypnosis? Or what the difference is to meditation?


Monday 4th January 2021 was World Hypnosis Day and I love hypnosis so in today’s episode we are talking all things hypnosis. I’ve giving you a bit of history, how it works, what you can expect, how it’s different to meditation and how it could be useful for you:

  • [1.50] Some people think it’s all pendulums and chicken dances – it’s not. What you’re actually looking at in an incredible re-programming tool for your unconscious mind
  • [2.36] I was nervous the first time I had hypnosis, but I love it.
  • [3.25] Over the years hypnosis has been used for entertainment, including by Franz Anton Mesmer who used it in the 1750s to entertain the French Aristocracy
  • [4.08] In 1950 Dr Milton Erickson revised hypnotherapy, taking it off the stage and made it a respectable therapeutic intervention. He practiced hypnosis daily from 1920-1980 seeing up to 14 people per day
  • [4.52] Only 4% of our minds are in our conscious awareness at any time. 96% is our unconscious mind.
  • [5.28] Once we have learnt something our brain wants to automate it, so we don’t have to use the precious 4% in our conscious awareness
  • [6.41] We have a programme for everything we run in our bodies and everything we do – some are more advantageous than others
  • [8.10] In hypnotherapy we are suggesting new programmes that are more advantageous and aligned to what you want to achieve
  • [8.40] The more you use a neural pathway the stronger it becomes
  • [10.16] You can expect to:
    • Feel deeply relaxed – we are slowing your brain waves
    • Hear your practitioners voice at all times – it’s conscious hypnosis
    • Have complete control – your unconscious mind is more powerful than any hypnotherapist
  • [12.55] How is it different to meditation? They look the same and they are both relaxing. There are some key differences:
    • Brain wave states – in meditation you are in alpha and in hypnosis you are in theta
    • Meditation is awareness and hypnosis is about reprogramming
    • Meditation is passive, you are observing, and hypnosis is active, you are reprogramming
  • [18.30] Think of hypnosis as an accelerator towards your goals
  • [19.36] This time of year, we are setting new year’s resolutions, making visions boards, goal setting or simply daydreaming.
  • [19.55] You may think about what you need to do to achieve those goals. I encourage you to consider who you need to be
  • [20.10] This is more important as who you need to be, will affect what you need to do to get where you want to go.
  • [21.10] Every time you learn something new you reshape your brain.

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