happiness mindset hacks nlp values work redesign Dec 22, 2020

What is the storying you are telling yourself about 2020? What are you planning in your next chapter?


In this episode I’m talking about the importance of the story we tell ourselves, how to review and rewrite our stories to support to live the life we want:

  • [1.40] How do you want to write your story of 2020? It’s your time to reflect.

  • [2.50] Stories are important to us as humans – we use them to communicate, pass on ideas and connect[3.15] How we construct our stories impacts our day-to-day experience – check our episode 8 to learn more about the reticular activating system

  • [4.26] Write the story of a pessimist and the story of an optimist – you decide where on the spectrum you want to sit

  • [5.40] Check where you use humour in your stories – the unconscious mind is always listening

  • [6.46] Carrying other people’s stories – my experience of absorbing the 30-something fertility story

  • [9.40] We pick up other people’s rhetoric, from social media and news

  • [10.38] How to review and rewrite your story

    • Step 1: Identify the facts

    • Step 2: Notice the meaning you have created from those facts

    • Step 3: Decide the perspective you want to have

    • Step 4: Who are the key characters (who have you given power to)?

    • Step 5: What’s the learning or moral of the story

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