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Do you have the resources in place to overhaul your work and life? Which are you craving the most?


Are you familiar with the Work Evolution Roadmap? If you are not you can grab it for FREE here. This is the exact roadmap that I used to leave my career and work out what’s next and it’s the roadmap my clients use to guide their journey. In this episode I'm digging into the second pillar of the roadmap - Resources:

  •  [2.11] The journey to discovering what’s next, like all healing is not linear, it’s a spiral where you revisit similar ideas but from different prospects and through different lenses.

  • [5.10] The six pillars of the roadmap: Revaluate, Resources, Rebalance, Reconnect, Reprogramme, Reignite.

  • [7.00] Resource 1: Space - this is all about the space to explore and rediscover yourself. There are four types of space and we all need different amounts of each.

  • [8.48] Mental space - you know you don’t have enough when you can never quiet your thoughts and your head is constantly busy. If you have a demanding job, or very cerebral job you may not have very much mental space.

  • [10.32] Emotion space - if the mental spaces is about your thoughts, things of emotional space as your heart. Are you emotions very heightened, so that it’s hard to cut through to listen to what you really want? Lack of emotional space does not only come from work.

  • [11.45] Physical space - this is space for peace and contemplate and an environment that stimulates you in a positive sense.

  • [12.52] Spiritual space - whether you identify as spiritual, religious or neither this is relevant. It’s all about the awareness to understand you are not the external expression you put out into the world.

  • [14.22] Resource 2: Support - do you have the right support around you? The key element here is you don’t want to deepen limiting beliefs about why you should not explore a different life. If you cannot change the opinions of those closest to you, rebalance their opinions by introducing more supportive people into your life

  • [17.15] Resource 3: Inspiration - this journey is about creating space, shifting beliefs and perspectives, this creates more space! You can fill that inspiration to being in new energy, ideas and help you creatively discover what you want to do next. People who are doing something similar or several steps ahead are a create source of inspiration as they expand you ideas around what isn possible, and change your point of view. However, inspiration can come from anywhere, books, TV, trips, experiences, even activities you used to enjoy as a child.

  • [19.49] Resource 4: Money - our world is constructed around money so we need it. However, it’s interesting because so many people get caught up on this resource, when unlike others such as time which we cannot create more of, money is infinite and we can always create more. Money is key whether you walk away from your career and want time off. Reduce your hours, increase child care. get a cleaner. Or retrain or take a course just for the fun of it. I call this pot of money the Fuck Off Fund. Everyone considering a work evolution needs one. 

  • [24.40] You can create more of any these resources.

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