employee entrepreneur flexibility freelance work redesign Oct 06, 2020

How much do you really know about the circular economy? And when is the right time to change it up from employee, to freelancer, to entrepreneur?


My guest today is Pippa Corry is founder of philo & co, a circular economy consultancy. She works with design agencies and brands to help them rethink how we design and transition towards more regenerative ways of working. Her work focuses on the critical role design plays in challenging 'business as usual' and she works closely in the consumer brand and packaging space, which finds her collaborating on anything from luxury alcohol to pet food! 

In this episode you can brush up on your circular economy facts for your next dinner party convo. Learn how we created businesses that support the lives we want. Find out all about systems, lists and going where the energy is.

  • [07:40] Pippa talks the difference between being an employee, a freelancer and an entrepreneur. It’s all about your core needs to stability and variety.

  • [12:53] Let’s get clear on what the circular economy actually is and how much we overuse the word ‘sustainability’. The future is about embracing a systems approach.

  • [16:19] Australia’s desire to live a circular economy and where it is in reality. Spoiler: there’s a way to go, especially in energy.

  • [18:57] Pippa shares her tips on how to evaluate if a business is actually following the circular economy philosophy.  Tip: they should be able to give you the “whys” and the “hows”.

  • [21:35] The trigger that made Pippa start her own business. 

  • [25:25] Designing a business: what you do and the life you want it to give you. Pippa’s design principles, and putting the Look Up Campaign into practice . She also shares the impact of the idea of “Go where the energy is,” from Kate Raworth, author or Doughnut Economics.

  • [29.10] We chat periods and rescheduling work to fit around them!

  • [31.40] Pippa’s taking part in Exxpedition, A trip from Fiji to Vanuatu in 2021 to research plastic and toxins in the ocean and help find solutions here on land to 'close the loop' on resources. Fact: the XX in Exxpedition stands for the female chromosomes – this is an all-female sailing voyage. Why? Because micro plastics affect female hormone production more then men! Pippa’s tip is to use Shift, so you can design out plastic from your life.

  • [39.18] Pippa’s tips for changing how work fits into your life. Ask the question: What’s the bigger problem I could add value to? And lists, it’s all about lists.

Want to follow Pippa’s adventures? Follow her on instagram.

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