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We've created too much pressure around purpose


Purpose. A word, that let’s be honest, we’ve managed to take the essence of and create whole lot of pressure and expectation around.

Not discovered your calling yet? Well there’s barely any point you getting out of bed. Don’t have a purposeful career? How can you possibly live a life with meaning?

Purpose is something I know lots about. Before starting my own business I worked for 15 years helping businesses develop their purpose statements and get their people to buy into them to drive engagement and revenue.

Purpose can be very useful, but only if it makes up happier, not when we are caught up in a whole new level of dogma.

I walked away from my successful career 5 years ago in search of something that lit me up.

Let me tell you what’s I have personally realised:

  • Purpose is not a job, career, or skill – it’s a way of being and living your life
  • It’s not something you go out and learn, or create, it is something that is already innate to you
  • Everyone has gifts and just because you haven’t managed to wrap yours up neatly into a career or business idea doesn’t mean you are behind
  • You can experience your purpose and have it contribute in all areas of your life and in many many many different careers or business ideas
  • It is not some well-worded statement! The reality is connecting with your purpose is expansive, its quite the opposite to placing yourself in a box.

What if I told you your purpose and gifts are in your Human Design Chart – literally staring you in the face?

Purpose Pathway is the journey to unpack your chart to discover your purpose, gifts and your unique and powerful contribution. 

If you are ready to create clarity and embody your truest self, come join me in Purpose Pathway 

Purpose Pathway is for you if…

  • You find yourself wanting to roll your eyes when you hear people talk about finding their purpose, but you secretly wish you had more clarity on what you are here to do. Let’s redefine the concept of purpose so it’s something you can realise for yourself, without the dogma

  • You’re going round in circles in your mind between what skills you have, what you love and what the world needs, and not getting anywhere. Let’s remove the fog and get crystal clear on your gifts

  • You have some direction on what you want your life and work to look like, but if you’re honest you’re too scared to take the leap, you don’t know how to take the idea and bring it into reality. Let’s expand what you believe is possible for you and upgrade your subconscious programming so you can take action

    The biggest clue: you feel stuck or don’t feel fully satisfied 

Hey, I’m Michelle.

I’m a Registered Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, Matrix Therapist and Multiple Brain Integration Practitioner and during this immersion I’ll be guiding you to bring integrity to your head and body, conscious and subconscious mind and to your masculine and feminine energy so you can get crystal clear on what you want and start transforming your life.

What you’ll experience in the Purpose Pathway

  • Your nervous system will be regulated, and you’ll feel a sense of excitement and ease about your next move

  • You’ll be clear in your deepest desires, not just those that you have inherited or been socially conditioned to want

  • You’ll learn how to embody the power of your masculine and feminine energy states to propel you forward and have more fun

  • You’ll have a new perspective on your gifts and what you are here to do

  • You’ll have an understanding of Human Design and how to use this to support yourself and creations

  • You’ll build your self-worth, confidence, motivation and peace

This is also a hypnotic journey…


You’ll receive 4 hypnotic tracks specific to your Human Design to support you to shift from the Shadow expression of your Gates into the Gift expressions at a subconscious level. This will accelerate your evolution along with the conscious contemplation.

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