Intimate 4-month Women’s Group Immersion

For the woman who wants to access her deepest desires, feminine power and purpose to create alignment throughout her being

This is your invitation to join me for 4 months of workshops, coaching and hypnosis to step into your integrity like you never have before.

Place are limited and we kick-off January 2023.
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Let me guide you into your integrity.


Most of us are not living in integrity that much of the time. That doesn’t make us bad people. It simply means we are not being completely true to ourselves, our potential and we’re not accessing the innate power we have inside. 

When things have integrity they are stronger and do not break. We're much more powerful when we are in integrity.

When I talk about integrity, I mean…

Creating strong alignment between the known and unknown parts of you. Understanding your deepest desires and fears. Unifying the head and the heart. Creating union between your masculine and feminine energy. Aligning the energy of your subconscious programmes and your conscious thoughts.

Way’s you may be out of integrity…

  • You’re working towards a goal or desire, but you just can’t seem to get there – let’s create integrity between your conscious and subconscious mind

  • You’re stressed, overworked and want more peace and flow in your life – let’s bring balance to your nervous system and create integrity between what your body desires and what your head is telling you need to do

  • You’re killing it in your zone of excellence, but your work feels a bit meaningless – let’s find your zone of genius and propel you into it

  • You’re deeply desiring a passionate intimate relationship, but you don’t seem to attract the men you yearn for – let’s bring out your magnetic feminine fox

    The biggest clue you are out of integrity: you feel stuck or don’t feel fully satisfied 

Hey, I’m Michelle.

I’m a Registered Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, Matrix Therapist and Multiple Brain Integration Practitioner and during this immersion I’ll be guiding you to bring integrity to your head and body, conscious and subconscious mind and to your masculine and feminine energy so you can get crystal clear on what you want and start transforming your life.

What you’ll experience in the Integrity Code

  • Your nervous system will be regulated, and you’ll feel a sense of excitement and ease about your next move

  • You’ll be clear in your deepest desires, not just those that you have inherited or been socially conditioned to want

  • You’ll learn how to embody the power of your masculine and feminine energy states to propel you forward and have more fun

  • You’ll have a new perspective on your gifts and what you are here to do

  • You’ll have an understanding of Human Design and how to use this to support yourself and creations

  • You’ll build your self-worth, confidence, motivation and peace

This is also a hypnotic journey…


You’ll receive hypnotic tracks (to keep forever), to create integrity between your conscious and subconscious mind around self-worth, self-confidence, self-love and self-determination. I also be writing more hypnotic tracks to support the group with key beliefs and themes that rise in our coaching sessions.

Discover your gifts and zone of genius


Many of us (myself included 5 years ago) are working in our zones of excellence. Careers we are really good at, but don’t light us up. Our zone of genius is the work that we are not only great at, but also allows us to bring our unique gifts into the world and feel fulfilled by our work. Working with your Human Design we will provide a new perspective for you to explore your genius zone, connect with your gifts and talents and understand your personal energetic blueprint to bring these into the world.


How this might look for you:

  • Perhaps you run a business, but you’re not feeling completely aligned to what you offer, or you are looking to take it to the next level.
  • Perhaps you want to change careers or start a business and you don’t what direction to take or have the confidence to take the next step.
  • Perhaps you’re content in your career, but you feel there is more you’re here to contribute and you want to explore creating more fulfilment across your life.
  • Or perhaps you’re tired, feeling overworked and stuck and you’re ready to view your life from a completely different perspective and tap back into your personal power. 

I promise you this is not an exercise of asking what are you good at? and what makes you happy? No, this is contemplating on the gifts already in you and making the unknown known so you can take action from a place of integrity.

This is how our 4 months will look


I surrender to my deepest desires


Our first month together is all about getting real about where you are out of integrity and how you are holding yourself back from stepping into it. We’ll be tackling your fears, discovering the limits you’ve created that are keeping you small and starting your journey to higher self-worth to expand what you believe you deserve and what is within your reach.

We’ll dig into the societal conditioning that is sitting between you and what you really want. Do you find you can talk easily about what you don’t want, but are less sure about what you truly wish for? Many people do. When we get past what you think you should have, do and be, and bypass the mind that wants to keep you in a safe place, we get to the juicy stuff that really sets your soul on fire.

We’ll be balancing your nervous system and creating the space for you to really open to our time together and explore what you are here for. We’ll be introducing your Human Design and understanding how to work with your design to tap into your intuition and innate decision-making strategy.

We’ll be redefining what success actually looks like for you and de-conditioning the shoulds, musts and need to’s that are keeping you in a pattern of feeling stuck.


I am a feminine powerhouse


We’ll get you flowing back in your feminine essence and embodying the feminine goddess you are. We’ll be moving from the mental plane to the body and feeling deeply into our needs, wants and fears. Playing with our feminine virtues to reignite our truest desires.

For the successful professional woman this shift can feel unleashing as you learn to embody the power of your natural state and release the masculine requirements of success.

You’ll rediscover an energy you’ve felt disconnected from and embody the flowing state of surrender and trust in your next phase of growth.

This is deep teaching on feminine and masculine energy. I’ll be teaching the foundations so we’re all on the same page and then I’ll share the less known intelligence – we’ll be covering hormones, and the difference of manifesting from masculine and feminine energy and get you practically using both ways to attract in what you desire. 

You’ll learn to recognise the states in yourself and how to easily shift yourself between the two depending on what you are doing at that time. You’ll notice how men interact with you when you are a feminine magnet. 

You’ll reconnect to what you deeply desire and learn how to balance these two powerful energies to magnetise what you want.


I experience my unique self


In month three we’ll be exploring and contemplating on key elements of your Human Design to give you a new perspective to tap into your purpose, vocation and life’s work.

We’ll be looking at how you live your shadow in these areas of your life and exploring how you hold yourself back subconsciously. We’ll be bringing awareness and acceptance to parts of yourself that need compassion and gentle surrender.

As well as holding up the mirror to see all of ourselves, we’ll be supercharging your self-love and acceptance. If you’re bored of hearing “You need to love yourself first” –  this is for you. This isn’t about surface level fluffing it, it’s about accepting all the parts of you that you don’t currently like, or don’t even know are there because you ignore them. You are light and dark and here we meet both of you.

You’ll create integrity in your system as we integrate your head brain, heart brain and gut brain, as you expand into your new identity and power.


I uncover my path, my gifts, my truth


If you’ve struggled to reconcile your work or life choices with the concept of purpose, this is where you’ll appreciate how your gifts are much bigger than simply the job you do – and how there are many amazing avenues for you to explore to find more meaning and contribute.

It’s likely you already know your zone of excellence and are possibly working in it. In a profession you are great at, but doesn’t make you deeply happy. We’ll be exploring your genius zone, the place from which you not only ooze excellence, but also generate ongoing meaning.

We’ll continue to work with your authentic self, diving into your values and designing a life you love. This is about getting to the bottom of your real values, not the ones you wish you had and then taking action to create real change in your world, lighting you up in the process.

This isn’t about being the best version of you (that’s pressure we don’t need) and it isn’t about creating something against other people’s standards (that’s boring). Success is in living the real you, every day.

What's inside the Integrity Code 


  • 4 Masterclasses (one per month) with worksheets and embodiment processes to inspire your thinking, deepen your experience with yourself and develop tools and techniques to access your power 
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls (one per month) to dive deeper, integrate and put learnings into action
  • Specialised hypnosis tracks each month to support your subconscious transformation at each key stage of your journey to accelerate change 
  • Private Voxer Group for support over the 4 months
  • Your Human Design Chart and Human Design Report to understand the key elements of your design
  • Connection with other awesome women to support and ignite each other

We meet every fortnight January to April over Zoom.

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