If you’re looking for an inspiring and experiential speaker, Michelle will satisfy the mind with knowledge and deliver an embodied shift everyone will feel

“Michelle is an intentional and powerful speaker who connected with our community and inspired deep thinking. She had us hooked from the get-go! She distilled science into simple lessons through a heart-warming delivery. We heard nothing but good feedback from the attendees and everyone left with something actionable. We’re excited to work with Michelle in the future and we couldn’t recommend her more.”

Dee Behan, Co-Founder, FRANKLY CO

Speaking Topics

Stress & anxiety reduction
Enhance purpose and meaning
Human Design and performance
Heart-led leadership
Creating certainty in times of ambiguity
Activate and deliver your brand though your people
Mindsets and beliefs for goal acceleration

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Michelle is in the business of changing beliefs.

She’s a Stress & Purpose Specialist and Master Hypnotist, working with high performers and leaders who want to design a life with less stress and more purpose.

Michelle’s focus is creating integrity between the conscious and unconscious mind, the head and the heart, and masculine and feminine energy states to access peace, power and performance.

She is a registered Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, Matrix Therapist, Multiple Brain Practitioner, Human Design reader, DISC Practitioner, trained meditation teacher and Master Coach.

Michelle has over 15 years experience as a brand and culture change strategist, facilitating executive teams, defining purpose and guiding leaders to build performance cultures that deliver business strategy.

She is on a personal mission to introduce as many people as possible to the powerful effects of hypnosis through which she has “turned off” tinnitus, got insomniacs sleeping, enhanced confidence & focus, improved health and accelerated individuals towards their goals.

Popular Sessions

3 of Michelle’s Favourites

Your New Relationship With Stress

Practical knowledge and techniques to get you out of your head and live happier and healthier.

Leave the room feeling calmer than you entered. Michelle’s stress sessions are designed to feed your head the knowledge of how to create change and give your body the experience of deeper states of calm.

She’ll be sharing the need to know concepts behind nervous system regulation, resilience and brain wave states, as well as teaching practical techniques to change your relationship with stress immediately. This is the stuff we should be teaching in schools, but we are not.

Your Purpose Is Not Your Destination

How to enhance meaning and happiness now (in any job)

Purpose. It's become a buzz word. Everyone's seeking it and organisations plan to be driven by it. In this session Michelle reframes purpose in a way that everyone can experience increased meaning and happiness right now.

It's not about what you do, or what you think - it is about who you are. This expansive approach to connecting with purpose will leave your audience with a new lens to contemplate purpose, contribution and impact in all areas of their life.

Hypnotic Sweat Tent

Understand and experience the power of your subconscious mind

Journey deep into your subconscious mind to release the less than positive and focus on more of what you want to create. This powerful hypnotic journey will slow your brainwaves into a place where you experience deep relaxation and receptiveness to the person you are becoming.

Offer your audience an opportunity to discover the power of accessing the subconscious mind and experience a transformative hypnosis.

“Michelle recently hosted a guest speaker session for my student community. She excited and inspired my audience throughout and even managed to put them all into a hypnotic state at the end! Everyone left feeling lighter, relaxed and with a deeper understanding around the power we all have to influence our world and our results.”

Anna Jonah
Founder, The Elevatory

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